Automate Configuration Setup for VMA (vSphere Management Assistant) With PowerCLI + Posh-SSH


The vSphere Management Assistant (vMA) can be used to remotely manage and troubleshoot multiple hosts from the command line. The vSphere Management Assistant is a SUSE Linux Enterprise-based virtual appliance deployed within your vSphere infrastructure, it allows centralized management and troubleshooting of multiple ESXi hosts with automatic login, and scripting tools for developers. The vMA appliance includes the vSphere Command-Line Interface (vCLI), vSphere SDK for Perl, and components for logging and authentication.

Installation of VMA is pretty straight forward. You only need to download the VMA OVA file and import in your vSPhere or VMware Workstation Environment.

A couple of steps need to be done after the OVF deployment is done like assigning the hostname and ip address, then you are good to go.

After the appliance is up and running and can be accessed over the network then we can add in the ESXi hosts and confiure them to initiate the remote commands. Below is a simple script that will get all the ESXi host information and will do the job for you:


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