Mass Update HP iLO Firmware Images Across Datacenter


Upgrading iLO Firmware for HP Servers is required most of the time when you are upgrading to a new OS. I was upgrading my vSphere environment to version 6 and I ended up with PSOD(Purple Screen of Death) on almost all of my servers. After drilling down I found a solution which was upgrading the iLO firmware to the latest version.

This a simple task if you are managing a small set of servers, but what if you have to upgrade the same for hundreds of physical servers. So after looking a little deep I found out it was possible though SSH.

Powershell gallery has a great PowerShell module called Posh-SSH which enables you to invoke remote SSH commands. We leveraged the power of PowerShell and Posh-SSH to loop through all of the servers and initiate the firmware upgrade commands. You can install Posh-SSH using below command:

Below is the complete code that i wrote to fully automate the process:

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